Friday, February 03, 2012

Aaron Von Snickle Fritz was a bad dog!

Here is a story about Aaron Von Snicklefritz a dog my family had before I was old enough to remember. When growing up I loved to hear about the crazy things he did. Recently, my mother told my daughter about him. She laughed with glee.

Aaron Von Snickle Fritz was a bad dog!

Aaron Von Snicklefritz charged threw the house and knocked down the children. "BAD DOG!"

Aaron Von Snicklefritz ran off and was gone for days. We’d search the neighborhood calling, “Aaron Von Snicklefritz!... Aaron Von Snicklefritz!... Aaron Von Snicklefritz!” When Aaron Von Snicklefritz came back he was dirty and stinky. "Yuck! BAD DOG!"

Aaron Von Snicklefritz chased and ate all the chickens in the chicken coop. "BAD DOG!"

Aaron Von Snicklefritz broke the window of the house to get to Lady who was in heat. "BAD DOG!"

Aaron Von Snicklefritz chewed his way out of the garage. "BAD DOG!"

The ad read, “One dog too many. Aaron Von Snicklefritz must go!” The farmer came and said, “Aaron Von Snicklefritz get in the truck!” and he did… “By…by Aaron Von Snicklefritz…GOOD DOG!”

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